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2.1 Changes in 2.01

Here is a list of changes from DJGPP V2.00 to V2.01

dxeload() now checks for malloc returning NULL.

gxx by default also links libstdc++.a.

info/dir.txi now has full file names for binutils, bison, and find.

include/dir.h now packs struct ffblk in such a way that g++ 2.7.2 works correctly. Note that gcc does not require this change.

SIGINT is now in the ANSI section of signal.h

glob() returns GLOB_NOSPACE when malloc fails.

echo now accepts -s to put one argument per line, instead of all on one line.

_dos_ds now has a limit of 4Gb instead of 16Mb.

_is_exec (and thus access) check suffixes independent of case, so .com and .bat files are executable.

Documentation for getopt has been added.

doscan returns -1 when it should (and other doscan fixes).

sigaction works correctly.

stat works correctly when _STAT_EXEC_MAGIC is set but _STAT_EXE_EXT is not.

The example in the movedata documention correctly lists _my_ds() now.

fsbd and edebug shouldn’t crash on long C++ symbols.

stat returns the correct number of links to a directory.

fsdb doesn’t crash with multiple directories of source files.

Command line arguments are not wildcard-expanded if they were passed through spawn*() or exec*()

stdprn and stdaux work correctly now.

Documentation for dosmemput fixed.

popen and system no longer leak file descriptors.

bdosptr macro in dos.h is now protected better.

system now flushes stdout and stderr (output used to get mixed up).

inp, inpw, outp, outpw added to pc.h.

_go32_dpmi_free_real_mode_callback frees the right stack.

Anything in libm.a that used scalbn won’t leak stack (like ldexp).

Most stdio.h routines rewritten for better text file handling.

exit won’t recurse if a destructor calls exit.

fcntl supports sys/fsext.h. open passes all flags to extensions.

system supports redirection and pipes directly.

stat bugfixes.

mntent supports JAM compressed drives; CDROM bug fixed.

Many fixes to LFN support.

printf supports long longs; new support functions in libc also.

go32-v2 works in more cases.

djasm supports more opcodes and modes.

stubify doesn’t crash as often; runs faster.

ScreenGetChar added to pc.h

va_start works if the last argument is not int-sized.

New function _fargetsel().

echo.exe handles invalid options correctly now.

Some fsdb bugs fixed

glob handles ... better now.

ioctl and sys/ioctl.h added (no unix functionality yet)

termios.h functionality added.

write no longer mallocs a buffer; it writes to the transfer buffer directly.

getrusage added.

readdir will return "." and ".." even for root directories.

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