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2.5 Changes in 2.05

Here is a list of changes from DJGPP V2.04 to DJGPP V2.05

DJGPP v2.04 was actually never released and stayed in beta stage much too long.

Replacement of memory management with nmalloc. One basic problem of DJGPP v2.04 was slow memory management, especially free. In DJGPP v2.05, memory management was replaced by the nmalloc implementation written by Charles B. Falconer (1931-2012). nmalloc was already used for a rather long time for various DJGPP packages including DJGPP port of GCC.

Updated handling of DXE search path for relative file names

Both environment variables contain ; separated lists of directories. Before DJGPP-v2.05, only LD_LIBRARY_PATH was used. The result was DXE lookup failure when LD_LIBRARY_PATH was redefined by user.

dir.h: Fixed a wrong structure packing directive (bug introduced by djgpp-v2.01 back in 1996) that would infect other sources and headers with potentially adverse effects. NOTE: You might want to recompile your libraries.

The order of arguments passed to the sincos function has been changed to match the order used by the function version as implemented in GNU systems.

In errno.h, do not exclude errno macros for C++ when -std=c++0x, -std=c++11, or newer C++ standards are being used.

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