Please redistribute the following files unmodified as a group, in a quartet of
archives named INTER61A through INTER61D (preferably the original authenticated
PKZIP archives):
	INTERRUP.1ST	the read-me file, containing credits, availability info
	INTERRUP.A	INT 00 through INT 10/BE  \
	INTERRUP.B	INT 10/BF through INT 15/0F\
	INTERRUP.C	INT 15/10 through INT 15/E7 \
	INTERRUP.D	INT 15/E8 through INT 1A/B0  \
	INTERRUP.E	INT 1A/B1 through INT 1F      \	  total 2520 pages at
	INTERRUP.F	INT 20 through INT 21/43       \  60 lines per page,
	INTERRUP.G	INT 21/44 through INT 21/5E	\ 2684 with INTPRINT -p
	INTERRUP.H	INT 21/5F through INT 21/E2	 >(8754 entries)
	INTERRUP.I	INT 21/E3 through INT 21/F1	/ (4135 tables)
	INTERRUP.J	INT 21/F2 through INT 25       /
	INTERRUP.K	INT 26 through INT 2F/15      /
	INTERRUP.L	INT 2F/16 through INT 2F/79  /
	INTERRUP.M	INT 2F/7A through INT 2F/D9 /
	INTERRUP.N	INT 2F/DA through INT 50   /
	INTERRUP.O	INT 51 through INT 61	  /
	INTERRUP.P	INT 62 through INT 6A	 /
	INTERRUP.Q	INT 6B through INT 91	/
	INTERRUP.R	INT 92 through INT FF  /
	INTERRUP.PRI	a brief introduction to interrupts
	INTPRINT.COM	a simple formatter that also generates a list summary
	INTPRINT.DOC	instructions for INTPRINT
	OVERVIEW.LST	brief listing of major uses of each interrupt
	86BUGS.LST	a listing of CPU bugs and undocumented features
	BIBLIO.LST	bibliography of information sources for the list
	CMOS.LST	a description of the CMOS RAM data bytes
	FARCALL.LST	APIs available through FAR CALLs
	GLOSSARY.LST	a glossary of terms, abbreviations, and acronyms
	MEMORY.LST	format of the BIOS data area
	OPCODES.LST	a listing of recent and undocumented CPU instructions
	PORTS.A		a listing of I/O ports 0000h-013Fh
	PORTS.B		a listing of I/O ports 0140h-0AD5h
	PORTS.C		a listing of I/O ports 0AD6h-FFFFh
	CATEGORY.KEY	descriptions of divider-line category letters
	COMBINE.COM	combine the pieces of the list into a single file
	COMBINE.DOC	documentation for COMBINE
The following files should be distributed in an archive called INTER61E:
	86BUGSnn.ZIP	programs to test for CPU bugs
	COMBINE.ASM	source code for COMBINE.COM
	INT.*		invoke interrupts from commandline
	INTHLP??.ZIP	Interrupt Helper viewer for the interrupt list
	INTLIST.E	Epsilon extension for handling list
	INTPRINT.C	source code for INTPRINT
	INTSUM??.ZIP	interrupt list browser (Interrupt Summary)
	IVIEW*.ZIP	another interrupt list browser
Finally, the following should be distributed in an archive called INTER61F:
	INT2RTF.ZIP	Slava Gostrenko's Windows Help converter
	INT2WHLP.ZIP	convert list into Windows Help database
	INTERRUP.ICO	icon for interrupt list
	HINTSRCH.ZIP	WinHelp DLL for full-text searches of interrupt list
	IL2ME???.ZIP	convert list into Multi-Edit help database
	INT2GUID.*	convert list into TurboPower GUIDE or POPHELP database
	INT2HLP.ZIP	convert list into QuickHelp database
	INT2IPF.ZIP	convert list into OS/2 .IPF database
	INT2QH.*	program to convert list into QuickHelp database
	INT2TPH.ZIP	convert to Turbo/Borland Pascal help file (.TPH)
	INTHELP.*	convert list into TurboPower GUIDE database
	RB2NG???.ZIP	convert list into Norton Guides database
	WH_ED*.ZIP	WinHelp-file editor