Category: TSR libraries

INT 2F - CiriSOFT Spanish University of Valladolid TSR's Interface

	AH = xx (dynamically assigned based upon a search for a multiplex
		 number from C0h to FFh which doesn't answer installed)
	AL = 00h installation check
	ES:DI = 1492h:1992h
Return: AL = 00h not installed
	     01h not installed, not OK to install
	     FFh installed; and if ES:DI was 1492h:1992h on entry, ES:DI will
		   point to author_name_ver table (see #02588)
	AH = FFh
Note:	this interface permits advanced communication with TSRs: it is possible
	  to make a generic uninstall utility, advanced TSR relocator programs
	  in order to fit fragmented memory areas, etc.
See also: INT 2D"AMIS",INT 2F"Compuscience"
Index:	installation check;CiriSOFT TSR interface
Index:	uninstall;CiriSOFT TSR interface