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INT FFFFFFFF - Arabic/Hebrew MS-DOS 5.0???+ - HGC & HGC/RAMFont support???

	AX = 67C3h
	CX = 1Bh
	CS|DS???:SI -> buffer
Return: ES:DI -> ???
	AX = ???
Program: The SK_HGC.COM TSR is used to support operation of ARABIC.COM/
	  HEBREW.COM with the Hercules Graphic Card series of video adapters.
	  It is provided for compatibility with ADOS 3.30/HDOS 3.30 only.
	  This file must be loaded immediately after ARABIC.COM/HEBREW.COM
	  to insure correct operation with these devices.
Notes:	This call is made by the SK_HGC.COM TSR for HGC and HGC/RAMFont
	  graphics adapters when it has successfully detected an Arabic/Hebrew
	  issue of MS-DOS via INT15h/6700h/BX=FFFFh to ensure it runs on the
	  correct version of Arabic or Hebrew MS-DOS.
	At some unknown offset in the buffer it contains a flag indicating
	  if a HGC or HGC/RAMFont adapter is present or not.
	ARABIC/HEBREW does not operate with Monochrome Display Adapters (MDA)
	  and the Hercules Graphic Card Plus (HGC+). ARABIC/HEBREW does operate
	  with Hercules Graphic Card (HGC) with a burnt-in ROM/EPROM font (many
	  HGC cards, even the highly integrated ones, allow for this kind of
	  user customization), though this is not officially supported.
	In some pre-1987 IBM XT/AT and compatibles, the Hercules Graphic
	  Card Plus operates like a MDA card. This hardware limitation
	  prevents ARABIC/HEBREW from running on this combination of hardware.
SeeAlso: AX=6700h