comp.os.msdos.djgpp passes 556:23

The vote results:
From: (Warren Lavallee)
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,comp.os.msdos.misc,comp.os.msdos.programmer,comp.lang.c,,comp.compilers,gnu.misc.discuss
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Date: 23 May 1995 16:10:55 -0400
Organization: Usenet Volunteer Votetakers

             unmoderated group comp.os.msdos.djgpp passes 556:23

There were 556 YES votes and 23 NO votes, for a total of 579 valid votes.
There were 6 abstains and 3 invalid ballots.

For group passage, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES and NO)
votes.   There also must be at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes.

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.  If no
serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the moderator of
news.announce.newgroups will create the group shortly thereafter.

  comp.os.msdos.djgpp passed on Tue May 2 07:44:36 1995

Newsgroups line:
comp.os.msdos.djgpp	DOS GNU C/C++ applications and programming environment.

This vote was being conducted by a neutral third party. For
voting questions only contact Warren Lavallee .
For questions about the proposed group contact Charles Sandmann


comp.os.msdos.djgpp will be a newsgroup dedicated to all aspects of
DJGPP, which is a port of several GNU utilities and development tools
to DOS.  Areas which would be welcome for discussion:

1. Support for applications compiled with this package
2. Installation and configuration advice
3. Help with environment specific features, such as hardware interrupts
4. Advice on porting code to this environment and status of ports
5. Discussions on adding features and new releases
6. Brief (20 lines or less) announcements of new or major release DJGPP
   related commercial/shareware/freeware products, with a pointer to
   web/ftp/email for more information.  Products may be briefly
   mentioned in replies to specific problems.

Areas which would be inappropriate:

1. Material which is covered in the FAQ (available from
   /pub/msdos/djgpp/ and other simtel mirrors).  A mini-FAQ
   with a pointer to the full FAQ will be posted weekly.
2. Questions or bug reports on GNU code not specific to DJGPP.  If the
   user cannot determine if a bug is DJGPP specific, an brief initial
   posting would be acceptable.
3. General programming questions.

The proposed newsgroup will be linked to the
mailing list through a bi-directional gateway to provide for users
without news access. The gateway software (and node) have already been

[This collection of addresses is (C)1995 by Consultix Computer Services.
Permission is strictly NOT given to use this list or any part thereof to
make a mailing list, or for mass-mailings.  Any other use is fine.]
comp.os.msdos.djgpp Final Vote Ack

Voted Yes
------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                            Theo Ruys                                         Randy Merkel                                      Darrell Grainger                                           Michael T. Smith                                             William J. Hayes                                      Keith Johnson                                            Antonio Costa                                          Andrew Cottrell                                   Howard Eisenberger                                                   Andrew Hall
ajay_kamdar@Warren.MENTORG.COM                                               A J Bryant                                             Nemesis                                     Alan MacDonald                                             Alexei Znamensky                                        ALAN L HIGHTOWER                                                  Alan Hart                                           Andrew M. Langmead                                    Yves Bellefeuille                                             Al Naseef                                                     Andy Hore                                         Antony Suter                                          Gert van Antwerpen                                            Patrick Moore                                                         Ane Roos                                           Arra Avakian                   Wayner (Wayne Allan Arthurton)                                     Steven F. Salter                                  Kostas Pagiamtzis                                                b2705031                                            Bob Babcock                                    THE MASKED PROGRAMMER                                                 Barry Nathan                                Lars Damerow                                              Bill Davidson                                                    Kevin Bealer                                              Bengt Larsson                                            Berend de Boer                                         Bruno Fassino                                          Brian Hawley                                    Bjorn Halvor Solberg                                             Bjorn Eng                                                 B.J. Herbison                                                 Brett L. Huber                                                       bmiller                                                Bob Ray                                                 Robert A. Yetman                                                      bodfish                                               Alain BOREL
boucherd@IRO.UMontreal.CA                                    Dominique Boucher                                  Charles Brabec
brian_kasper@QMAIL2.AERO.ORG                                      Brian Kasper                                           Brian Rice                           Brendan K. Miller                                                Bob Smart                                     Brendan Theron                                   Uli Bubenheimer                                 U-E59264-Osman Buyukisik                                         Ben Van Loock
by177@cleveland.Freenet.Edu                                       D. L. Mosher                                 Cameron Davidson                                            C. Wesseling                                     Scott Howard                                              Claus Andersen                                      Carl Wilhelm Welin                                            Calvin Clark                                       Hubert Canon
capints!                                        V. Carpenter                                                 Carl D. Burke                                               Clinton Eads                                      Jean-Marc CHALLIER                                      Chendi Zhang (Guest)                                             Chris Anderson                                 Christoph Martin                                           Chun-Yu Lee                                                R. N. Dominick                               Christian Koelle                                             Charles W. Kann               Claude Poizat 220 LIFIA 4657 (These PRIMA)                                         Chris Stamper                                                Chris Milner                                         Brian K. Serviss                                         Christopher Christensen                                           Conor McCarthy                                            Fulvio Corno                                              Dave Cox                                         Craig Gullixson                                             Carl Crawford                                      Ned T. Crigler                                                    Tim Crull                                                     Chris McCarthy                                     Clinton Thomas [4432]                                              Randy Deardorff                                              Constantin Vrinceanu                                              Dom De Vitto                                            Dan Pierson                                                  Daniel Weaver                                                    Dan Pop
daveshao@leland.Stanford.EDU                                        David Shao                                               David Dix                                           David Michael Moore                                                 David Pascoe                                         Bill Davidsen                                      Randy Dawson                                                        Dave New                                                 Chris Waters                                               Steve Devine                                                 Dave Gymer                                               Teddy Hegeborn                                                  Dimitri Giordani                                                      DJ Delorie                      Nigel Heath (DJGPP MAILING list)                                            Doug Clow
dlegrand@PO1.TINKER.AF.MIL                                      Legrand, David                                              Dan Sessions
dmason@scs.Ryerson.CA                                               Dave Mason                                       Dave Murphy                                     Christian Domp                                           Don Morris                                        Rafal Dowgird                                                 Danny Quah                                           Douglas Rupp                             David S. Rosinger                                    don taber                                          Pascal A. Dupuis                                                Dong Liu                                Anders Hjalmarsson                                   Hwan-Rei Lee                                               Egil Kvaleberg                                         Eric Heft                                                 Eling Delleman
elio%pvax@Olivetti.Com                                              Elio Tondo                                           Mark Elston                                                  Van D. Ho                          90920001 Eric Weitzman [ESRI-Redlands]                                        Erik Luijten                                               Erkki Ruohtula                                       Mr P A Horsfield                                   Mark Sadler                                       Eyal Lebedinsky                                          Martin Jakubowski                                      Falko Sauermann                                      Frank Donahoe                                                    Frode Haugen                              Frank Hering                                           Luca Filipozzi                        Dr.Valery Fine LCTA/JINR Dubna
FIXER@FAXCSL.DCRT.NIH.GOV                                           Chris Tate                                                  Ed Phillips                            G.Frank Paynter                                             Frans P. de Vries    Francois Lorrain, Intl OPSYS, Paris, 33 1 45                                                   Frank Torres                                        Francesc Guasch-Ortiz                                        Badenhorst, Frans                                  Frederic STARK                                                Frank Sandy                              Gabriel Tamura Morimitsu                                       Michael Galetzka                                             Dave Gantose                                              Gary Hanson                                             Grzegorz B. Mazur                                           George B. Smith                                                 Georgy Pruss                                      Gordon Hogenson                                          GianPiero Puccioni                                 George A. Kiewicz                                           David Goldschmidt                                           Giuseppe Rodriguez                                                George Grimes                                             Rachel Polanskis                                       Gunter Windau                                               John Guthrie                                          Grzegorz Jablonski                                           Henk Jonkers
H.T.M.vanderMaarel@MARIN.NL                                      Patrick Haeusser                                  Mohd Hamid Misnan                                              Harald Puhl                                               Sam Harbison                                            Raja R Harinath                                            Harrison                                  Michael Hartwig                                                Heasley                                                      Heine Larsen                                                     Henrik Kullmann                                                 Aaron Heller    CARL HELMS, (303)673-7934: Insight, not numbers                                              David Mohring                                                  Hermann Vogt
hgm@druid.Lanl.GOV                                      Harry G. McGavran, Jr.                              Henning Holtschneider                               ERDD/Bob Hillman
hines@SPENCER.CTAN.YALE.EDU                                      Michael Hines                                                Jack Hulscher                                                   Homer Welch                                         H. Kelly Shuldberg                                               Philip Hodder
HOEKMAN@ITC.NL                                                  hogendoorn r.a.                             Sam Hokin 608/263-0486                              Holland, Owen                                      Rene van der Horst (kno)                                           hans-otto ultes                           Hartmut Schirmer                                               E.I.T.                                               Henk Spaan                                             Barnett C Hsu                                             Yirk-Man Hui                                    Hartmut W. Malzahn                                  Iasonas Moustakis
iburrell@kraken.Stanford.EDU                                       Ian Burrell                                                HOST_USR                                      Andrew Innes                                            Ian A. Skreen                                    Jeffrey Goldberg                              Jurriaan W Kalkman
J3GUM@VAX1.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU                Jeffrey E. Hundstad 389-2516 (work)                                          Jonathan Chandross
Jaccard@Dial.Eunet.Cj                                         Francois Jaccard
jak@physun.physics.McMaster.CA                                    John Kuehner                                                   Jason Venner                                                     Jason Sheu                          Joao Carlos Alves Barata {F}                                       Jimmy D. Burrell                                    Jose Cadavid Jauregui                                     Jeffrey David Cohen                                     J.P Argaud                                           Erik Laumb Jensen                                            Jerry Needell                                   Jerry van Dijk                                         Jerry Sanders                                 Jesper Skovhus Thomsen                                            Jesse Bennett                                                Ed Jezak (6649)
jgt2@PL122f.CSEE.Lehigh.EDU                                        Jesse Thilo                                                Janos Haide                         Hartman, Johan           *8009                                       Joel Hunter                                                      Jim Hu                                                      Jyrki Tuomi                                                 Jim Karpinski                                               Jon Keene                                         Jerry Leslie                                   Johnnie Leung                                             Jonathan Luke Hall
JM7523@PC204-01.NWSCC.SEA06.NAVY.MIL                              John Maassen                                            James M. Chacon
jmccaski@CS.Trinity.Edu                                        Scott McCaskill                                         James Mullens
JMW5616@ACS.TAMU.EDU                         Joao Paulo Ramos e Barros                                                Joep Jansen                                             John Boyne                                             John Stryker           Jon Pinkley, Westinghouse (216)486-8300 x1335                                                           Jonboy
jordan@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM                                   Jordan Henderson                             Josef Spangler                                            Jim Service                                    John S. Reitwiesner                                         Janne Kukonlehto                                                 Anders Juul Munch                                             Jerzy Witkowski                                               Kai Poehlmann                                             Howard Kaikow                                             Kiyoshi Akima                                                  Karen Isaacson                                             Konrad Budych                                               Peter Mikalajunas                                   Keith Wasserman                                              Paul Keller                                                  Ken Bowen                                            Kent D. Lottis                                        Kyriakos Georgiou                                                  Hyun J. Kim                               Kimmo Ketolainen +358 40 500 2957                                                       kolner                                        Marek Krzyworzeka                                              Kyriacos Zygourakis                                 Paul Lancette                                                     Lars Olsson                                                    Lars Thegler                                       Dustin Laurence                                    Ulrich Lauther                                                Shawn Lauzon                                        Jeff Ledermann                                        Marty Leisner                                           John Lellis                                                    Gene Leone                                                         Benjamin Liansky                                                Andrew Lieu                                          Linton Miller                                  Martin Schr"oder                               Nicholas E. Longinow
lpelliss@ENSM-ALES.FR                                       Laurent PELLISSIER                                                 Rob Caelers                                             Lachlan Roche
lrobins@ENH.NIST.GOV                                        Lawrence H. Robins                                Gianluca Bobbo 310846/IF                                                Sandy                                                Lynn D. Maas                                          M.M._van_der_Laan                                        Martin Granell                                               Magnus Hammerin                                  Henning Behnke                                              Mahmoud Rafeh                                                      mamoman                                             Gary Manning                                          Alan Hochhalter                                     Marek Soczowka
Marek.Ziolkowski@E-Technik.TU-Ilmenau.DE                  Dr. Marek Ziolkowsky
marileno%pvax@Olivetti.Com                                     Marileno Biasci                                        Roberto Mariottini                        Markus Nullmeier                                            Mark Wickham                                              Martin Day                                                     Mat Hostetter                                             Mattolini                                     Maurizio Codogno                                      Erik Max Francis                                                  mbsfptt                                                    Mike Castle                                        Charles McClellan                              Sebastian Meyer                                    Martin Friedrich                                          Michael Feldman                                                          Soyka                                        Manuel Guesdon                                                  Mark Hansen                                                  Mike Hatz
mhr@sparc.SanDiegoCA.ATTGIS.COM                              Mark Hull-Richter                                           Mike Parker                                          Michael Roehner                                               Michael De La Rue                                                  Michael                                        Peter E. Miller                                        Mike Bright                                         Matthew Jackson                                     Mario Koeppen                                              MouseHouse                                           Mark Meyer                                        Guarionex Morales                                                ~ZIO BUDDA~                                      Michael Phelps                                                    Mark Clements                                        Mark P. Nelson                                           Martin R. Miller
mschmidt@me-tech.PFM-Mainz.DE                                  Michael Schmidt                                        Pierre Muller
MWOOD@INDYVAX.IUPUI.EDU                                           Mark H. Wood                                          TECEL                                           Nitish Patel                                                  Neil Thompson                                    Neil L. Fluhr ; BS CMSC                                     Nicholas Penney                                               Nigel Stephens                                            Nicholas R LeRoy                                            Neil Matthew
nora@ne.Snafu.DE                                               Nora E. Etukudo                                              Norman Ramsey                                              Dag Nummedal                                           mj olesen                                                   Olly Betts                          =?iso-8859-1?Q?=D8yvind_Forsbak?=                                               Darth.Vader                                      Pasi Pekka Matilainen                                         Jeff D Paquette                                                Patrik Virtanen                                          P. da Silva                                        Peter Milliken                                                Paul Kirschner                                                      Bill Perkins                              David J. Perkel                      Alkiviadis Pervenas                                        Peter Degrande                                                Peter Horan                                               Peter Svensson                                    Paul Fenwick                                     Martin Pfost                             Peter Geissler                                                      Peter Hovey                           morrell@physocraft: Will Morrell                                             Andrew Eskilsson                                               Pierre Willard                                   Pieter Vankeerberghen                     =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Fran=E7ois_Pinard?=                                                Peter JB King                                                       Paul Falstad                                                  pkent                                                     Paulo Melo                            Philip J. Rager, III                                  Nathan Prewitt                                        Xavier PRIEM                                            Ralf Propach                                     Mark S. Vitek                                           Serge Pachkovsky
pshuang@MIT.EDU                                        Peter Jefferies
queck@eva.cs.Uni-Magdeburg.DE                                    Andreas Queck                                                 Scott Raney                           Raphael Quinet                                                Rogerio Brito                                    Bob Burrow                                                RDC                                              Ronald F. Guilmette                                             Raul Garcia Garcia                                       Richard Hoyle                                             Richard Vanek                                             Richard H. Miller                                             Ross Jones                                            Rick Stones                                       Robert J Macomber                                             Ollivier Robert                                                   Robin Hilliard                                     Ron Nagamati                                                 Davide Rossi                                 EMMANUEL ROUSSIN                                           Rozman Michael                                      Richard T Kuehn                            Jan-Peter de Ruiter                             Russell Schulz                                               Young U. Ryu                                                   Simon Rowe
s9001200@csdvax.csd.unsw.EDU.AU                                   Minxian Yang                                        Charles Sandmann
SAVAGE@GONZAGA.EDU                                               Ronan Scaife                                      George Scherer                                         Paulo F. Sedrez                                         Peter Sestoft                                              Tom Watson                                       Shaw Carruthers                                           Terrel Shumway                       Hans-Peter Siegel                                                 Andy Black                                        NIKOLA N. NOVAKOVIC                                               scott jacobs                                      Shawn Hargreaves                                        Paul Smith
softbrek@POOL.Informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE                  Hans-Bernhard Broeker                                         Jacob Sparre Andersen                                Spiliotis Iraklis                                     Senthil R. Kumar    Sheldon E. Smith - DTN 442-2254  04-May-1995 095                                  Stephen Benson                                       Steve Bowlzer                                          STEVE HAMILTON                                          Steve McConnel                                            Al Stone                                          Henrik Storner                                          Stucky, Mark B.
STUDENTI@DF.UNIBO.IT                                     Myron Sussman
sward+@CMU.EDU                                               David Reeve Sward
T.Hesketh@unsw.EDU.AU                                              Tim Hesketh                                        Masafumi NAKANE                                                Emile Talbot                                     Tomasz Tarchala                                         Martin Michlmayr                                       Andrew R. Tefft                                                  Morten Welinder
tesla@lamar.ColoState.EDU                                             Jon Nash                      foggiapasquale                                            Thomas G. McWilliams                                         Thomas Herter                                              Jim Thomas                                    Thomas Neustupny                                      Thorsten Kitz                        Tilmann Haeberle                                                  Tim Freeman                                    Martin Titz                                              Tom Moore                                            Tobias Edvardsson                                          Robert Tolksdorf                                 Tomasz Mikolajewski                                Thomas H. Busch                                                 Toni Verdu                                          Anthony Gialluca                                      Alexander G. Tormasov
troys@volga.EECS.Berkeley.EDU                                  Troy Shahoumian                                                   Todd Stout                               Stephen Turnbull                                       Martin M|ller Pedersen                                     Jih-Shin Ho
UCKO@VAX1.ROCKHURST.EDU                                             Aaron Ucko                                      Andre Uratsuka Manoel                                  Andrew Lee Urquhart                                                 Greg Vilardi                                         V. A. Macaulay                                          Horst von Brand                                          Sinolits Vadim V.                       Frederic J. Walter-Scheerer                                              David R Weisman                                               David Whitten                 Stefan Wilhelm, BWL1, Tel 3563                                               Timothy Wilson                                   Wojciech Pilorz                                                 Wouter de Waal                                    Mr WT Wong                             Robert Hannebauer
wuwei@GRUMPY.CS.NYU.EDU                                                 Wei Wu                                                   Greg D. Skelhorn                                         Kent Paul Dolan                                             Xavier Leroy                                                Yi Wei Chiao                                            Y.S. Peter Chiou                                                 Steven J. Zeil                                                  Jeffrey M.  Odom                                            The Pinhead

Voted No
------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                             Vincent Archer                        Michael Beckmann                                                 David W. Crawford                                                   Emery Lapinski                                    Gregory G. Woodbury                        Stefan Hoffrichter                                    John Bickers                                     John R. MacWilliamson                      Christoph P. Kukulies                Manero, Javier, GFP-FLC
mmt@RedBrick.COM                                          M Mike Taksar KC6ZPS                                          Nick Ingegneri                                              Rebecca Drayer
rew@CrystalData.COM                                               Ryan Waldron                                            Robert Rodgers                                         Smarasderagd                                                  Dwight Brown                                          Stu Labovitz                                        Dave Thompson                                         Risto Widenius                                       Bill Winn

------------------------------------------------------------------------------                              Kenneth P Crouch                                         idk            M. `I just _love_ cryptic abbreviations' Otto
sjsmith@cs.UMD.EDU                                        Stephen Joseph Smith

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                   Kevin Baca
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