List of Main Contributors to DJGPP v2

The following is a list of people who have significantly contributed to DJGPP version 2. If you feel left out send us a note and we will take care of it; it probably just slipped our mind.

Cast in alphabetically order...

Csaba A. Biegl.
Graphics subsystem.
DJ Delorie.
Most everything; porting of GCC (etc.); the structure of and most functions in the library; utilities; the name; FPU emulator; boot strap loader ("stub"); Internet home.
Matt Hostetter.
Various memory copy library functions; debugging and testing.
Charles W. Sandmann.
Family of signal and FPU related library functions; various library functions; boot strap loader ("stub"); debugging and testing; dynamic loading system; "near" pointers; long file name support.
Morten Welinder.
Boot strap loader ("stub"); debugging and code inspection; re-write of djasm; full screen debugger; various library functions; Emacs support.
Eli Zaretskii.
Family of stat library functions; debugging and testing; decompression support for djtar; FAQ; Emacs support.

The above does not cover the DPMI host CWSDPMI which is distributed as a separate program. Look inside that package for further credits.

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