The Delorie Password Manager

The Delorie Password Manager is for users who have to manage a web password file, but do not have easy access to password encryptors or CGI directories. By using the Handler directive of Apache 1.1, one central CGI installed by the system administrator can handle all the password needs of the users.

Warning: The Delorie Password Manager makes no claims as to the security of the passwords it manages or the data it protects. This system is to be used for light-weight purposes only! If you need true security, contact your local system administrator or webmaster and ask them to advise you.

The Source - pwmgr.cgi

Sample Usage

Usage Instructions - ISPs should make this file available to their users, after customizing the information to suit their installation.

This project was sponsored by MV Communications.


Choose an appropriate directory for the Delorie Password Manager software. It doesn't matter where. In your conf/srm.conf file, add lines like this:

Note that you can use any MIME type (as long as the two match) and any suffix (although I recommend keeping the default one).

Make sure that your server is configured to allow .cgi extensions to be executed as real CGIs in the counter's directory.

Some of the programs are perl scripts. They are shipped assuming that /bin/perl is a usable perl 4 or 5 interpreter. You may need to change the first lines of the perl scripts to suit your system configuration.

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