Segmented Turnings

Number of Segments:
Inner radius: *
Outer radius: *
Subtended arc: (for partial rings)
Page Format:

* values like 3, 1/2, 3-3/4, 4 1/2, 4.56 etc. Add in mm cm to indicate units, in is assumed if none specified.

In the results, "total length" assumes 1/4" kerf between segments, cut from alternating sides of a straight board (i.e. minimize waste), plus 1/4" waste on each end.

If you are running Internet Explorer and Acrobat 5.0, and you get a blank page when you click "Download PDF", you need to do this: Run Acrobat reader 5.0. Edit->Preferences. Select Options. Make sure "Display PDF in Browser" is NOT checked.

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