About Delorie Software

Delorie Software is, basically, me. Well, me and Pat. I do the technical stuff and Pat takes care of the business end of things. We deal primarily in MS-DOS software, like djgpp, but also do web, X, and other Unix software. Our work falls into a few major categories.

I do software engineering (or software artistry) because I enjoy it. A lot of the stuff I do is available free of charge through the network, often with sources. Of course, you don't get to pick what I work on or complain if you don't like it, but you get your money's worth.

The Software Store:
Lots of pre-packaged programs I've written. The programs themselves are usually free (and freely redistributable), but we charge for support.

This includes the world-famous WebChess server, mail archive searches, zip indexing and extraction, and other things that our server can do for you. It also includes a number of multimedia functions that we can do for you, like image scanning. We also provide a small amount of free services to some not-for-profit organizations, like the Free Software Foundation.

Many companies and individuals find that using my particular skills is more cost effective than doing it themselves. For those cases, specialty work can be requested on a contractual basis. Terms and conditions are negotiable, but I don't travel.

Our standard hourly fee for non-schedule items or extra work on a standard item is $150 per hour ($12.50 per five minute unit or fraction thereof).

The only Internet presence (actually, the only presence) we have is our domain,, which includes one machine acting as a ftp, http, and mail server. We are connected to the Internet through a T1, so expect our pages to load fairly quickly. We try to make the pages look good on a wide variety of browsers (mostly by not using fancy new features).

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