Bug 000002

When Created: 06/27/1995 11:15:37
Against DJGPP version: 2.00.beta1
By whom:
Abstract: The include file DJ2/include/inlines/pc.h will not compile
The error occurs when you try to use outportb.  The file 
/djgpp20/include/inlines/pc.h does not compile correctly.  The compiler
returns the following message:

/djgpp20/include/inlines/pc.h In function 'void outportb(short unsigned int,
 unsigned char)':
/djgpp20/include/inlines/pc.h 38: parse error before '::'

/djgpp20/include/inlines/pc.h In function 'void outportw(short unsigned int,
 unsigned char)':
/djgpp20/include/inlines/pc.h 46: parse error before '::' 

/djgpp20/include/inlines/pc.h In function 'void outportl(short unsigned int,
 unsigned char)':
/djgpp20/include/inlines/pc.h 54: parse error before '::' 

Workaround added: 06/27/1995 11:16:25
By whom:
This problem can be bypassed by #declaring -D__dj_ENFORCE_FUNCTION_CALLS,
however this does not solve the underlying problem.

Note added: 06/30/1995 07:50:29
By whom:
change :: to : : to fix the problem...
it worked for me.

Fixed in version 2.00.beta2 on 07/05/1995 22:48:29
By whom:

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