Bug 000013

When Created: 07/17/1995 12:07:30
Against DJGPP version: 2.00.beta1
By whom:
Abstract: Windows 3.0 causes crashes
V2 images won't run under Windows 3.0.  It seems to be due to a bug
in Windows 3.0.  In particular, images GPF during the exit phase, 
killing the DOS session.  The exact line causing the problem is 
FREESEL(__go32_info_block+26) around line 207 in crt0.s.  Commenting
this line causes images to execute OK.  The only thing I see special
about this selector is the base is never set (uses the default of 0).
I have not had a chance to see what can be done to workaround the bug.

Solution added: 07/19/1995 11:21:32
By whom:
Windows 3.0 crashes if you free a selector while it is still in fs
or gs.  I added code to crt0.S to set fs/gs to zero before freeing
the selector and V2 images now run fine under Win 3.0.  Patch sent
to DJ.

Note added: 07/19/1995 15:35:13
By whom:
I like the title of this one.  Definitely it is Windows 3 that _causes_
the crashes.  :-)

Fixed in version 2.00.beta2 on 07/24/1995 22:28:16
By whom:

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