Bug 000019

When Created: 09/02/1995 12:47:09
Against DJGPP version: 2.00.beta2
By whom:
Abstract: gcc does not run in Linux dosemu
djgpp v2 cannot be used in the DOS emulator dosemu under Linux. 
I realize that cross-compilation is possible, but running in dosemu 
makes it easier to verify that distributions such as gawk will 
compile on DOS.

gcc starts, then sends endless messages of the form
   ERROR: in_sigsegv=32!
   ERROR: in_sigsegv=33!
to the window which started xdos.

djgpp 112 works in the emulator (at least for compiling gawk).

Config for v2 tests: Linux 1.3.12, dosemu-0.60.3, 6 and 12 megs dpmi.

P.S. The known FPE signal problem breaks gawk.

Note added: 09/18/1995 11:25:37
By whom:
If I read this correctly, V1.x nested programs (ie gcc) work OK but
V2.0 nested programs don't?  I was under the impression that nesting
didn't work in dosemu and that was the problem with V2's gcc.  If V1.x
really works w/o gcc16 then ...

Note added: 09/24/1995 19:30:49
By whom:
I use the gcc from; i.e., I'm not using gcc-rm in the 
successful tests of 112 in dosemu. However, it appears that 2.00.beta[23]
will not work in dosemu.

Of course, this may be a bug in dosemu. It would be convenient for testing
if v2 could be used in the emulator.

Note added: 11/19/1995 04:43:29
By whom:
I seem to recall browsing a Linux book and looking up info about dosemu and
similar utilities. The book said that these MS-DOS program emulators worked
quite well except for the fact that these emulators didn't support DOS
protected mode programs. A DPMI interface for Linux could probably fix that
problem. If there is a Linux DPMI, I would really like to see it.

Solution added: 01/23/1996 20:51:10
By whom:
The dosemu folks posted a patch to dosemu to handle nesting.  Works
great now.

Closed on 01/23/1996 20:51:14:
By whom:

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