Bug 000023

When Created: 09/12/1995 01:24:36
Against DJGPP version: 2.00.beta3
By whom:
Abstract: setcbrk() won't disable the ^C signal interrupt
When I used DJGPP v2.00beta3 to recompile the MicroEMACS 3.12 code
I have already running with DJGPP v1.12, 
setcbrk() doesn't disable the ^C interrupt. 

Workaround added: 10/04/1995 18:05:00
By whom:
Use the DJGPP interrupt functions to create an interrupt handler for ctrl-break
that should work... (i think)

Note added: 10/08/1995 21:05:13
By whom:
use setmode(fileno(stdin), O_BINARY) to put stdin in binary mode, and then
Ctrl-C is just a regular keystroke.  setcbrk() is only for Control-Break,
although that appears to not do what you expect either at the moment :-(


Fixed in version 2.00.beta4 on 10/08/1995 21:05:19
By whom:

Workaround added: 01/15/1996 02:20:33
By whom:
Since setcbrk(0) doesn't disable the SIGINT signal when reading keystrokes
with getkey() or getxkey(), I tried to disable that signal by ignoring it

This workaround fixes the problem. getkey returns 3 for ^C and 256 for 
Ctrl-Break and no signals are generated. I suggest to include a not in
getcbrk(), setcbrk(), getkey() and getxkey() to make people aware of the
problem and this workaround.

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