Bug 000024

When Created: 09/19/1995 05:00:29
Against DJGPP version: 2.00.beta3
By whom:
Abstract: emu387 not found bug is back in beta 3
Under beta 2 I installed the FP emulator as

+GO32=emu %DJDIR%/bin/emu387.dxe

on my IBM Thinkpad 330cs.  This worked.  (At least it got rid of the 
error and stack dump I got when compiling Ghostscript.)
    To install beta 3, I wiped the DJGPP/2.0 directory clean except 
for DJGPP.ENV (renamed to keep it from being overwritten), then 
reinstalled DJGPP 2.0-beta3.  I am now getting  SIGNOFP errors and
stack dumps again, even on a trivial program:

#include <stdio.h>

main () {
   double two;
   printf("Enter a number:  ");
%f times %f is %f!

compiles fine and accepts numerical input, then dies.

Note added: 09/20/1995 12:09:18
By whom:
I think the problem is you don't have the EMU387 environment variable
defined - the GO32 environment variable you have set up is not used.
Try using the distributed djgpp.env file and see if this error goes
away.  If it does, add the missing line from the new one to yours.

Note added: 09/29/1995 15:32:54
By whom:
I've been having the same problem.  Whenever cc1 is run, it works at
first, then says "Coprocessor not available at eip=b8e67", then some
more information that I don't really need and am too lazy to write
down.  I've tried all the suggestions I've seen above (most were
already done), and nothing's changed.  I really would like to
compile something. *grin*

Note added: 10/21/1995 12:32:35
By whom:
These problems appear to have been separate and both solved.
Steve's was due to the missing EMU387 line in the djgpp.env file;
and some other reports of cc1 pukage were cause by using the beta2
binaries which didn't have the libc fixes.  So, I think this is
fixed in B3 on a clean install.

Fixed in version 2.00.beta4 on 11/16/1995 00:07:52
By whom:

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