Bug 000027

When Created: 10/07/1995 15:31:43
Against DJGPP version: 2.00.beta3
By whom:
Abstract: C++ programs load the wrong file
When I compile a C++ program, GCC says it can't find lang

Workaround added: 10/07/1995 15:33:34
By whom:
Just change all references to the file from _G_config.h to _G_confi.h.
It occurs in std.h, and several others

Workaround added: 10/11/1995 14:28:33
By whom:
If running Windows 95 change  _G_confi.h to _G_config.h.
Alot less of a headache and works fine.

Fixed in version 2.00.beta5 on 01/23/1996 21:46:17
By whom:

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