Bug 000052

When Created: 01/17/1996 07:32:35
Against DJGPP version: 2.00.beta4
By whom:
Abstract: stat() don't work on networked drives in win95 when LFN=Y
stat() reports all files on networked drive being volume labels.
This was tested on win95 microsoft network connected to SAMBA and
to other win95. On Novell drives only directories reported as labels.

This is conserned with different behavior of lfn findfirst/findnext
in win95 on local and networked drives. findfirst always return
volume label on networked drive when file attribute FA_LABEL is included
even if filename passed to it is different from the volume label name.
With SAMBA, lfn findfirst with FA_LABEL returns garbage instead of label
but with label attribute.

Solution added: 01/17/1996 09:21:29
By whom:
A patch for stat() has been developed and will be in the next release.
Please test the 960115 alpha pre-release to see if the problem is 
fixed under all the environments. 

Fixed in version on 04/13/1999 09:00:08
By whom:

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