Bug 000059

When Created: 02/12/1996 05:52:18
Against DJGPP version: 2.00
By whom:
Abstract: no kb interrupts under gdb
Under the gdb 4.12 binary distributed with djgpp v2, a program that chains
into the keyboard hardware interrupt vector doesn't get any interrupts.
The same program also chains onto the timer hardware interrupt vector, and
it gets those interrupts just fine.

The same program ran fine when compiled with djgpp v1 and run with the gdb
in that package. And the program compiled with v2 gets keyboard interrupts
just fine when run without gdb.

I see the same problem when running on DOS with CWSDPMI and in a DOS box
under Windows 95.


Note added: 02/13/1996 01:11:24
By whom:
Known bug with all debuggers.  They prevent the keyboard interrupt
from being hooked, since SIGINT isn't handled properly.  I was too
busy to fix this, but I know how.  If anyone wants to hack on 
src/debug/common/dbgcom.c, I can give you hints.  One of the problems
that must be handled is that the debugger itself must get input 
from the keyboard - so must hook/unhook this stuff around calls,
which is somewhat of a mess (you need a hooked interrupt database).
This is also related to the fact that the debugee does not see 
signals (they are all caught by the debugger).
Hey, it was a quick hack :-)

Solution added: 04/13/1999 09:00:20
By whom:
Fixed in WIP, and will be in v2.03.

Fixed in version on 04/22/1999 09:00:31
By whom:

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