Bug 000094

When Created: 06/29/1996 08:00:09
Against DJGPP version: 2.00
By whom: sorry this is internet-cafe
Abstract: DJGPP V2.0 find.exe using path code problem. slash and backslash - unix vs dos
DJGPP V2.0 find.exe are using UNIX-style path.
see later:
	find . -name '*.exe' -print


So I trying -exec option , cannot eat this path-list.

find . -name '*.bak' -exec rm /f '{}' ';'
./honya/rara.bak not found
(rm.exe are microsoft c v6.0 packaging software, like same as unix rm command)

                    from Momonga/Intergraph MDL programmer(;_;)

Note added: 07/11/1996 13:48:22
By whom:
This (and several other) bugs in the DJGPP port of find as distributed
with v2.0, are corrected in my port that I've uploaded a few months ago
DJ Delorie's server.

Closed on 07/26/1996 00:32:00:
By whom:

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