Bug 000098

When Created: 07/23/1996 03:13:18
Against DJGPP version: 2.00
By whom:
Abstract: Flex Distribution lacking FlexLexer.h for C++ generation.
The info files state that flex can be used with the option -+
to generate a class yyFlexLexer. The .cc file generated by flex
#includes a file FlexLexer.h, which must also be included by any other file 
calling yyFlexLexer::YYLexer().

I couldn't find this header file anywhere.

Workaround added: 07/23/1996 03:15:20
By whom:
A possible workaround is to write up a flexlexer.h file from the description
in info. I haven't tried it yet.

Fixed in version 2.01 on 07/26/1996 00:36:21
By whom:

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