Bug 000099

When Created: 07/25/1996 02:20:46
Against DJGPP version: 2.00
By whom:
Abstract: gcc -dumpbase option doesn't work
The -dumpbase option is supposed to provide the base filename
for gcc debugging output on systems like msdos that don't support
multi-part filenames like foo.c.rtl. "-v" shows it is passed
twice to gcc1, but in each case the argument to the switch is lost.
(This bug was present in version 1.xx also)

Note added: 07/30/1996 11:59:29
By whom:
First of all, I don't think you should ever really need to use the
-dumpbase switch yourself (I'm not even sure gcc is supposed to pass it
on to cc1).

This problem is related to the abuse of the 'dumpbase' switch to
pass the name of the file being compiled to cc1, instead of letting
it find out on its own, based on cpp's output. Complaint about this
probably should be directed to the FSF.

Note added: 10/20/1996 15:21:11
By whom:
The -dumpbase option is important because the gcc maintainers sometimes
have trouble duplicating a bug in gcc if they can't get the rtl
output. It is also the only way to be certain a problem is really
due to compiler bug rather than a user error.

Closed on 04/13/1999 08:00:13: Genuine GCC bug, not a DJGPP problem.
By whom:

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