Bug 000115

When Created: 10/23/1996 02:09:00
Against DJGPP version: 2.00
By whom:
Abstract: readdir() does not know the hidden file

I'm very happy to know the DJGPP! 
I'm trying to program a file utility program.
To list files in a certain directory, I used opendir() and readdir() routine
and the result was more or less good.
By the way, I found that readdir doesn't(or can't???) list(or get) hidden
In Linux, I used the same routine(and the source code was completely the same!)
and it searched all the files if the file has the Read Only attribute or not.
(Oh, in Unix, attribute ---> the initial character of the file name is '.'  8-)

Is the BUG of readdir() routine in DJGPP?
Or, Do I NOT know the alternative routine or function in place of readdir?

Please, Mail to me.

PS: As you see, My English is poor. Forgive me.   ;-)

Note added: 11/05/1996 11:43:33
By whom:
This is NOT a bug.  opendir is documented to not return hidden
and system files unless a flag is set that tells it to find them.

Solution added: 04/13/1999 08:00:28
By whom:
readdir in v2.02 and later does return hidden files by default.

Fixed in version on 04/13/1999 08:00:57
By whom:

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