Bug 000124

When Created: 11/21/1996 20:17:48
Against DJGPP version: 2.01
By whom:
Abstract: Libc.inf docs missing function descriptions: srand()
The libc docs in 2.01 omit a description of the srand() function.  rand(), random(),
and srandom() are all described, but srand() is not.

Note added: 11/21/1996 20:21:23
By whom:
Also missing from the v2.x docs, but present in v1.x, is a separate entry for the
va_list type.  Instead, the description of va_list and the related macros va_start(),
va_arg(), and va_end() seems to be scattered around the various functions that use
the va_list data type, without a clear explanation of their usage.  This is
somewhat annoying, and potentially dangerous to those users who are unfamiliar
with the va_args system.

Note added: 09/25/1998 15:00:04
By whom:
I also can't seem to get srand() to work at all.  So I use random() and srandom() instead.  Anyone know why srand() seems to do sweet FA?


Solution added: 04/13/1999 07:00:50
By whom:
Upgrade to v2.02.

Fixed in version on 04/13/1999 07:00:37
By whom:

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