Bug 000180

When Created: 10/12/1997 20:47:22
Against DJGPP version: 2.01
By whom:
Abstract: RHIDE attempts to open .cc instead of .cpp file when F7/F8 is used
After compiling a project which includes "test.cpp", 
"fileunit.cpp" and "strunit.cpp" I press F7 or F8.
RHIDE then said it cannot file The funny
thing is that everyone I could I indicated the name
is test.cpp (not .cc)

Also, at various times when using F7/F8 RHIDE will
simply run the program instead of stepping through
the code line by line. Sometimes when F8 is pressed
after program has been fully steped-through to the
end it will keep on saying "exit code = 0" (or
something of that sort) instead of beginning
to step-through the program from the beginning.

Workaround added: 01/13/1998 11:14:06
By whom:
This is due to a bug in gcc when generating debug info.

gcc always assumes that C++ source code has a .cc extension.

Until someone changes the way gcc handles C++ source files,
you should name your source files with a .cc extension.

You could of course run cc1plus yourself.
Add -v to the command line and redirect the output to a file.
Try to isolate the commands run by gcc and turn the file into a makefile.
You should also add commands to delete the temporary files made by each step
in the compile process.

This problem is also mentioned in the section 12.6 of the FAQ.

Workaround added: 07/05/1998 04:26:03
By whom:
I just did this recently so I havn't checked thoroughly for side-effects.
Get a binary editing program and edit gcc.exe. Go to offset 1261h and you will
see the cc1plus command line with the .cc extension. You can change the .cc to
.cpp but because of the extra character, you will have to shift the rest of the
command line over. There are three \9 (tab) characters and four \32 (space)
characters at the end. It's probably best to overwrite one of the spaces.

Closed on 04/13/1999 07:00:40: Not a DJGPP bug; fixed in GCC 2.8.0 and later.
By whom:

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