Bug 000181

When Created: 10/16/1997 18:12:49
Against DJGPP version: 2.00
By whom:
Abstract: findfirst and findnext do not work as expected
#include <dir.h>
#include <iostream.h>

void main()
    struct ffblk f;
    int done;

    done = findfirst("*.*", &f, 0);

    while (!done)
        cout << f.ff_name << endl;
        done = findnext(&f);

Does not work as it leaves out the first two characters of every file name!

Is this my code or is it a genuine bug. I have tried everything!

Please help!

Solution added: 10/17/1997 14:06:19
By whom:
The problem appears to be fixed in DJGPP 2.01!

Fixed in version 2.01 on 01/25/1998 17:56:39
By whom:

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