Bug 000203

When Created: 01/28/1998 06:53:15
Against DJGPP version: 2.01
By whom:
Abstract: #if instead of #ifdef in 'union REGS' in dos.h
On line 74 of the dos.h which comes with, the structure:

union REGS {
 struct DWORDREGS d
 struct WORDREGS x
 struct DWORDREGS x
 struct DWORDREGS_W x;
 struct WORDREGS w;
 struct BYTEREGS h;

needs the line "#if _BORLAND_DOS_REGS" changed to "#ifdef _BORLAND_DOS_REGS"
if "#define _BORLAND_DOS_REGS" in a source file is to work without a parse 
error in dos.h

Solution added: 01/28/1998 06:54:23
By whom:

Solution added: 04/13/1999 12:00:13
By whom:
Corrected in WIP and will be in v2.03.

Fixed in version on 04/22/1999 09:00:11
By whom:

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