Bug 000205

When Created: 02/10/1998 17:40:20
Against DJGPP version: 2.01
By whom:
Abstract: Impossible of display DEFAULT_FONT in GRX, SWORD and other graphics
When I launch any graphics programs, whitch is using DEFAULT_FONT, I can't display any text in this font .

Workaround added: 12/17/1998 00:00:24
By whom:
I've found this happens when you open the program from within Win95,
and the Dos box font setting is something other than "Auto". Either
run from the full screen dos prompt, or create a .pif file for the
program (i.e. a shortcut) with the font set to "Auto".

Note added: 04/20/1999 12:00:46
By whom:
Problem is specific GRX, i.e. not really a DJGPP bug.

Closed on 04/20/1999 12:00:25: Not a DJGPP bug
By whom:

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