Bug 000206

When Created: 02/20/1998 18:29:12
Against DJGPP version: 2.01
By whom:
Abstract: CPP inserts spaces after #defined tokens
This is a weird bug that is not localized to even DJGPP.  All recent versions
of CPP (C preprocessor) for every operating system and CPU have this problem.

This assembly code does not assemble:
#define asdf $1

    mov asdf,%eax

But this does:
    mov $1,%eax

The command line I'm using is gcc -fassemble-with-cpp asdf.s -o asdf.o and it's
not working.  It gives the error "operands don't match any known 386

cpp asdf.s displays this:
# something or other
    mov $1 ,%eax
The space is the problem.  As this bug applies to all versions of GCC it should
be reported to the maintainers of the UNIX version.

-- Barubary

Workaround added: 02/20/1998 20:12:41
By whom:
I just figured out that the case of the S matters...

gcc -fassemble-with-cpp asdf.S -o asdf.o

works, but

gcc -fassemble-with-cpp asdf.s -o asdf.o

does not.  This should be fixed by having a CPP parameter that forces "assembly
parsing" mode and having -fassemble-with-cpp make GCC call CPP with that

-- Barubary

Note added: 02/25/1998 13:01:06
By whom:
That gcc command line is about 100% wrong.

To start with, there is no '-fassemble-with-cpp' flag. The flag you're
wanting to pass is

	-x assembler-with-cpp

That's what has the exact same effect as calling the file .S instead of

So, in the essence: no bug here, just incorrect use.

Closed on 04/13/1999 07:00:50: Incorrect usage, not a bug.
By whom:

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