Bug 000217

When Created: 04/26/1998 21:39:20
Against DJGPP version: 2.01
By whom:
Abstract: GPP says streambuf.h not found when including iostream.h
But it's in the same directory! I have tried putting the full path into
iostream.h, and just putting "'s around it. No luck.

Note added: 06/13/1998 09:53:52
By whom:
I am having the same problem.  And I have also tried copying it and putting
in the full path with no luck.

Note added: 06/26/1998 15:22:51
By whom:
Happens the same to me
what if we edit the code and change the name of streambuf.h to strbuf.h ?
I think it's a problem that arises from the 8+3 dos file format. Will tell you about the results when I have time using the comp on whixh the djgpp is installed.

Note added: 07/08/1998 05:31:35
By whom:
I tried to do as found streambuf.h (that I reanmed strbf.h and changed all referencs to it as strbuf.h), but then it couldn;t find another header file. I stopped renaming and changing references cause I thought it would take a lifetime !. However if someone of you is desperate for  a works...but as I said t's too much of a hassle

Solution added: 07/24/1998 14:01:51
By whom:
You have to open DJGPP.ENV and change +lfn=n to +lfn=y

Solution added: 12/02/1998 13:00:13
By whom:
Use UNZIP386.EXE to extract the files instead of WinZip.

Closed on 12/02/1998 13:00:41: Non-Bug: incorrect usage of Unzipper/not reading readme.1st
By whom:

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