Bug 000230

When Created: 06/24/1998 19:03:44
Against DJGPP version: 2.01
By whom:
Abstract: Pitfall: building mcount.c with profiling
Not really a bug.  Building a profiling library requires some hacking
of the libc/crt0 makefile, so that mcount.c doesn't get built with
profiling enabled.  That would lead to infinite recursion.  I'm posting
this here so the "fix" can have a number for the patch site.

Note added: 05/18/2000 08:00:19
By whom:
Perhaps the necessary hacking could be described?



Solution added: 09/23/2002 17:22:35
By whom:
The flags used to compile and link the DJGPP sources are gcc.opt and gcc-l.opt. A fix has been made to the build system, to that profiling options from gcc.opt and gcc-l.opt are screened out, when building mcount.c. The fix is in DJGPP CVS, which will become DJGPP 2.04.

Fixed in version cvs on 09/23/2002 17:22:53
By whom:

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