Bug 000233

When Created: 06/25/1998 18:20:58
Against DJGPP version: 2.01
By whom:
Abstract: cannot find streambuf.h in iostream.h
When compiling a program which has the <iostream> , an error is given saying that the file streambuf.h is missing, but streambuf.h is there !. Maybe it could be becaus streambuf.h is more tan the 8+3 dos filename, but doesn't the compiler supposr tlong filenames ?

Solution added: 07/24/1998 14:02:45
By whom:
open DJGPP.ENV and change +lfn=n to +lfn=y

Workaround added: 10/02/1998 20:00:18
By whom:
i have the same problem too. i found that it IS because it is a DOS program, and
thus Windows only gives it the first 6 characters plus a "~1" added to the end to
go by. I found that renaming streambuf.h to something with less than 8 characters
and opening iostream.h and changing the "#include" section to reflect the new 
filename will allow it to read "streambuf.h" in it's new name. There will also
be another header file that you have to change, but the procedure to change that
is the same.

However, there is STILL an LD.EXE problem when gcc tries to link the object file.
it says that "-lstdcx" cannot be found. I think it is interpreting that as a
filename. that's not good. also I tried putting it before the filenames but it
seems as if gcc only accepts one parameter at the time, with the "-o" being that.
I still don't know how to get through this...

Closed on 10/13/1998 18:00:12: Non-bug (Installation problem)
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