Bug 000244

When Created: 07/29/1998 23:05:02
Against DJGPP version: 2.01
By whom:
Abstract: Apparently NO support for long filenames under DJGPP 2.01 or related utilites
   DJGPP 2.01 and the latest versions of the MAKE, GDB, and FILE utilities do 
NOT support long filenames under Win95.  If you specify a long file name
in a Makefile or as a command-line parameter it is truncated to 8.3 characters.

   For example, 'ls' (from FILEUTILS 3.16B) will display a list of short 
filenames, whether you are running DOS or win 95.  Any libraries with names
longer than 8.3 characters will not be found by the compiler (since the DOS
name contains that annoying 'numerical tail'.

Workaround added: 07/29/1998 23:17:47
By whom:
   In order to get around the lack of long filename support, you MUST unzip 
DJGPP and related utilies with a DOS-based unzip utility which will cause
long filenames to be truncated.  Or, you can temporarily disable numerical 
tails in Win 95 (not recommended.)

   When working with .c, .C, and .h files, limit filenames to 8.3 characters.
Also, when working with Makefiles, explicitly specify that c++ files are to 
be compiled with c++ (or cxx in the short filename world), because make cannot
recogniuze the difference between .c and .C.  Or, use '.cc' instead of '.C'.

   Of course, if you are trying to port source files with long names over from 
another system like UNIX, you will have to truncate every filename 

   It is possible to create a file with an 8.3 alias that matches it's 
corresponding long filename in Win95.  Create the file with the desired 
short file name.  The main part of the filename MUST be eight characters 

   Then, rename the file to the desired long name.  For example to create 
the following file, LongNameExample.C, you would:
  - Create a file called longname.c
  - type 'ren longname.c LongNameExample.C'

  The short filename will remain unchanged (i.e. no numerical tail).

Solution added: 09/07/1998 12:03:40
By whom:
Use the -y option.

Closed on 10/13/1998 16:00:18: Non-bug (installation error, readme.1st not read)
By whom:

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