Bug 000250

When Created: 09/07/1998 10:53:09
Against DJGPP version: 2.01
By whom:
Abstract: RHIDE incorrectly uses LD.EXE
When I compile any program, project or no, RHIDE will never create the EXE for
that project.  Instead, it complains about an ENOENT for -lstdcx when it calls
ld.exe.  I've looked in all the options, and have found no clues yet...

Workaround added: 09/17/1998 04:00:46
By whom:
It seems that When RHIDE compiles C++(*.C,*.cpp, etc.) it invokes
gcc with library called libstdcx.a(this is what -lstdcx switch 
means for). Seems that maintainers of DJGPP 2.01 decided to use 
WIN95 long file name capability and they changed libstdcx.a to 
libstdcxx.a! So there are several possible workaround/solutions.

1. go to djgpp\lib directory. type "copy libstdcxx.a libstdcx.a"


2. Another workaround is to make a file which has short name 
   "libstdcx.a" and long name "libstdcxx.a" (excerpted from 
    bug 000244 workaround by anonymous)

>  It is possible to create a file with an 8.3 alias that matches it's 
>corresponding long filename in Win95.  Create the file with the desired 
>short file name.  The main part of the filename MUST be eight characters 
>   Then, rename the file to the desired long name.  For example to create 
>the following file, LongNameExample.C, you would:
>  - Create a file called longname.c
>  - type 'ren longname.c LongNameExample.C'
>  The short filename will remain unchanged (i.e. no numerical tail).


3. Possible "Ultimate Solution" - 
                       1.edit djgpp.env to change +lfn=n option
                         to +lfn=y
                       2.edit the source of the RHIDE to use switch
                         -lstdcxx instead of -lstdcx and MAKE it again.
                         (Volunteers needed!)

Closed on 04/13/1999 06:00:33: This is a usage/installation error, not a bug.
By whom:

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