Bug 000251

When Created: 09/12/1998 07:32:38
Against DJGPP version: 2.01
By whom:
dear sir 
	thank you very much for your great work to develop this great software
please forgive me but I am not professional enough to solve my little 
problem so I am contacting you to help me doing so 
	I purchased a copy of the djgpp compiler (the binary distribution)
 I unzipped the archive in a directory called DJGPP and in the same directory 
i put the RHIDE  but when i tried to compile a program from the IDE it do nothing 
simply say "bad command or file name" when i refered to the documentation
of djgpp about the command line compiling it sayes 
type gcc filename.c ok in my directory there is no file called gcc.exe
in any directory so I purchased the cygnus toolkit and I made a copy of
the gcc.exe and the new cygwin.dll I tried again but something occured  ,the ide say
that an error happend and hang up

please sir tell me how can I run the DJGPP(you may think that I am a very stupid person)
ok any way tell me what is happening ?,where can i get a gcc.exe file ?
is any thing else missing from me ?what is it?where can i get it ?

please sir send me as soon as you can because I want to port my programs from borland C
and move to the amaising DJGPP(as I heared ,and hope to expriment myself)

any way thanks sir first for your work in free software ,second for waste your time 
reading my letter third for helping me 
	you can contact me at

I am loking forword to read your message
thanks again and good luck

Note added: 10/13/1998 17:00:46
By whom:
Obviously, this is not a bug report at all. Should never have been
posted here.

Closed on 10/13/1998 17:00:27: Non-bug (installation problem)
By whom:

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