Bug 000255

When Created: 10/30/1998 14:00:57
Against DJGPP version: 2.01
By whom:
Abstract: Compiling .c programs works ok, but when compiling .cc programs, the compiler/linker (?) can't find streambuf.h
When I compile a  program,  that uses <stdio.h>, 
everything works fine, but when I compile a program, 
using <iostream.h> I get the error message

In file included from test.cpp:2:
c:/djgpp/lang/cxx/iostream.h:31: streambuf.h: No such file or directory (ENOENT)

My opsys is windows 98. I have my enviroment variables set as
indicated in the readme.1st file: 


Do you know what could be wrong?

Solution added: 11/04/1998 09:00:50
By whom:
You must use `gxx' to compile c++ programs.

Fixed in version 2.02 on 11/04/1998 15:00:22
By whom:

Solution added: 11/04/1998 15:00:23
By whom:
No solution necessary: installation problem caused
by not setting LFN=y, and using the correct unzipping

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