Bug 000260

When Created: 11/29/1998 05:00:00
Against DJGPP version: 2.01
By whom:
Abstract: "cout" and other iostream.h - related instructions do not work
This is similar to other previously reported bugs (??) related to the library, yet 
I can't pinpoint the reason of the problem
1) I downloaded djgpp from delorie on my Win95-based portable PC
2) I unzip with Winzip 6.3, that creates the various directories (lang, lib, ...) and 
and that, of course, unzips files with more than 8-character names
3) C-compilation works fine
4) c++ compilation with instructions such as cout fails, although iostream.h
is included. Error message mentions "undefined reference to cout" and "undefined reference
to ostream operator <<"

It can be worked around by using gxx instead gcc, suggesting that something in the 
library is not included (?). What should be included??

Note added: 12/01/1998 08:00:07
By whom:
Sigh, yet another one who didn't bother reading readme.1st and/or
the FAQ, it seems. To repeat:

	gxx *is* the solution, not a workaround

Closed on 12/01/1998 08:00:13: Not a bug: incorrect usage, readme.1st not read
By whom:

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