Bug 000264

When Created: 01/16/1999 08:00:23
Against DJGPP version: 2.02
By whom:
Abstract: streambu.h in lang/cxx/ should be streambuf.h
Just a naming error (I think). Steambu.h should be streambuf.h

Note added: 01/17/1999 15:00:39
By whom:
Not a naming error, but a 'not-reading-the-installation-docs' error.
You unzipped with a non-LFN unzipper. The actual filename
inside the .zip *is* streambuf.h, and using an LFN-aware unzipper on
a LFN-aware platform would have given you a file called streambuf.h, 

Closed on 01/17/1999 15:00:33: Non-bug (kind: unpacking error), thus no fix
By whom:

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