Bug 000266

When Created: 01/25/1999 18:00:01
Against DJGPP version: 2.02
By whom:
Abstract: djgpp_map_physical fails because of pointer not page aligned.
While using the __djgpp_map_physical_memory(pointer, size, location)
functions fialure will occure.  The reason for the failure is because of 
the memory pointer not being page aligned.  the Physical address, and data
size are OK.  This will happen when using version 2.02 and not 2.01

Note added: 06/13/1999 06:00:26
By whom:
I cannot reproduce this, and the report didn't have any test program.
Mailing the author of the report was left without response.

I'm closing this report.

Closed on 06/13/1999 06:00:04: Not reproducible.
By whom:

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