Bug 000269

When Created: 02/01/1999 21:00:41
Against DJGPP version: 2.02
By whom:
Abstract: Wrong message on qualified pointer assignment

const char **p;
      char **q; 


causes message 'assignment from incompatible pointer type', 
which is wrong.

While it is true that because of ANSI C Standard error blindly
ANSI compatible compiler should claim these pointers incompatible,

1.well known compilers (Borland, Watcom) even in full ANSI compatibility
mode allow themselves to correct standard here and do not issue warning,

2.GCC is not bound to repeat ANSI errors at all, because it claims ANSI C
too restrictive.

Note added: 02/05/1999 13:00:57
By whom:
The problem, as far as a potentially superfluous warning can
be called a problem, is with gcc, and not in any way specific
to DJGPP. I have convinced the poster to relay this problem to

Note added: 02/11/1999 06:00:02
By whom:
Original poster got told by the gcc developers that this
is not a bug, i.e. the warning is for real.

Closed on 02/11/1999 06:00:07: Non-Bug: legitimate gcc warning.
By whom:

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