Bug 000270

When Created: 02/01/1999 21:00:41
Against DJGPP version: 2.02
By whom:
Abstract: ' in file names
If file name contains character " ' ", GJPP discards it from the name and
attempts to take file with the name created; if there are, it proceeds as
if this name was given.

While it is understandable that not all allowed by DOS for names characters
are acceptable for GCC, the reaction for undesirable character must be

Note added: 02/05/1999 13:00:28
By whom:
In private email discussion, it turned out that the reported
problem is with filenames passed to gcc, on the command line,
not filenames in general. 

That makes the reported behaviour a documented feature of the
wildcard expansion mechanism: ' is treated specially if it
occurs in the command line of any DJGPP-compiled program.

Workaround added: 02/05/1999 13:00:41
By whom:
It's in the FAQ, as well, but for quick reference: to compile
a file called foo'.c  (with a quote in the name), to this:

	gcc -c foo\\'.c

Closed on 02/08/1999 10:00:00: Non-bug: just incorrect usage (and not reading the FAQ...)
By whom:

Workaround added: 02/08/1999 11:00:59
By whom:
Ooops, make that

	gcc -c tmp\'.c

(Looks like our trusty Bug Tracker does no longer eat \'s or
try to interpret % sequences...)

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