Bug 000285

When Created: 06/01/1999 03:00:48
Against DJGPP version: 2.02
By whom:
Abstract: bug in macros in ctype.ha
        It seems there is a bug in isspace() and other macros defined
in ctype.ha. isspace() returns a nonzero value for a lot of characters
that are not whitespaces. Changing all (int) in ctype.ha to 
(unsigned int) should fix the problem. Are the funtion version of 
these macros also affected?


Note added: 06/04/1999 09:00:30
By whom:
Asking the bug reporter in private Email, I confirmed that it's not
a library bug, but incorrect usage of isspace() that caused the 
problem. In a nutshell:

	never call  the <ctype.h>  functions/macros with a
	char or signed char argument. It *must* be casted to
	unsigned char, instead.

Closed on 06/04/1999 09:00:27: Non-bug: usage error
By whom:

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