Bug 000294

When Created: 07/12/1999 09:00:37
Against DJGPP version: 2.01
By whom:
Abstract: clreol hangs the computer
This code seems to hang the computer:

Note added: 07/12/1999 14:00:37
By whom:
There's at least one bug in the code shown, as well:
gotoxy() coordinates are 1-based, i.e. gotoxy(0,0) is an illegal
call. Chances are that this confused clreol() into an 
endless loop.

Note added: 07/12/1999 16:00:00
By whom:
The info topic on gotoxy explained that the upper left corner of the text window was (1,1), not (0,0) as I thought. I apologize for taking up your time...

Closed on 07/12/1999 16:00:41: It was not really a bug
By whom:

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