Bug 000296

When Created: 07/31/1999 14:00:32
Against DJGPP version: 2.02
By whom:
Abstract: int size problem
When I write c++ code like this,

   cout << sizeof(int) << sizeof(long);

it reports that both integers and long int's take up 4 bytes.  I am new to DJGPP, and I am wondering if it is suppose to be like this.  It would be pointless if it were, since it would be the exact same type and you couldn't use a 16-bit int to automatically wrap it on overflow modulo 0xFF.


Solution added: 08/03/1999 06:00:38
By whom:
Is this really a bug? in protected mode 32 bit environment, an integer is 32 bits! (integer length depends on the machine)
long ints are always 4 bytes! 
so... where is the problem? :)

Note added: 08/03/1999 10:00:08
By whom:
This is not, nor has it ever been a 'bug' or even a 'problem'.
Who said that 'int' and 'long int' should not be of equal
size (and, thus, range)? 

Hint: if you want 16bit integers, use 'short int'.

For a cleanly written, portable program, none of these issues should
ever make a difference. 

I'm closing this issue.

Closed on 08/03/1999 10:00:09: Not a bug: misunderstanding of programming language
By whom:

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