Bug 000299

When Created: 08/22/1999 20:00:17
Against DJGPP version: 2.02
By whom:
Abstract: DJGPP (gcc, gxx, etc...) will not operate in Win98 SE DOS Prompt
Occurred on a PIII 550 w/ 256 Mb RAM.  Windows 98 Second Edition gives an "Invalid Page Exception.  Fault Location 0028:3A30001." when trying to execute gcc and gxx in a DOS Promt.  Downloaded new set of DJGPP files and it does the same thing.  Also encounter this same problem before when running Win98 (not 98 SE) on the same machine.

Note added: 08/30/1999 06:00:55
By whom:
I wrote to the user and ask him to post details to the news group.
We will pick up this problem from there.

I'm closing this report.

Closed on 08/30/1999 06:00:29: Problem definition too broad to investigate. Passed to NG.
By whom:

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