Bug 000304

When Created: 10/02/1999 21:00:16
Against DJGPP version: 2.02
By whom:
Abstract: mkstemp doesn't change template
mkstemp doesn't fill out the template it is given
with the name it chooses, the problem being that
you can't use it as a temporary file and rename it later.

Note added: 10/04/1999 14:00:18
By whom:
I tried to reproduce this bug in a short test program, but it
didn't show up. After a

  char name[] = "/tmp/hbb_ttXXXXXX";
  int fd = mkstemp(name);

the contents of 'name' *were* changed to the filename actually
chosen (tested with 'printf'). I'll ask the bug reporter for
details, by EMail. Until further notice, my guess is this is
a false alarm.

Closed on 10/05/1999 13:00:29: Non-bug. Poster couldn't recreate the bug, himself, anymore.
By whom:

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