Bug 000320

When Created: 06/06/2000 10:49:09
Against DJGPP version: 2.03
By whom:
Abstract: problem with /dev/env/.. paths used in env variables processed by djgpp.env
When setting an environment variable like C_INCLUDE_PATH to something like "/dev/env/XXX/include" the current version of djgpp.env will convert it to lower case and subsequently the variable 'xxx' (now lower case) will not be found.

Workaround added: 06/06/2000 10:52:00
By whom:
Obvious workaround is to remove the lower case conversion operator ('>') in djgpp.env, but I'd prefer djgpp to accept lower case env variable names.

Note added: 06/09/2000 10:32:40
By whom:
Case-sensitive environment variables are a feature of DOS.  I don't think we
should break that feature (by converting all variables to a single case) just
because of this marginal situation.  Such a change will certainly break some
code out there.

So I don't think that making enviroenment variables case-insensitive is a
good idea.

Workaround added: 06/09/2000 10:38:19
By whom:
One obvious work-around (or even a solution?) would be not to use /dev/env
in environment variables.  There should be no need for this: you could simply
say %FOO% instead of /dev/env/FOO.  

/dev/env exists to pacify programs that hard-code file names into the binaries
when they are built; using /dev/env/FOO defers the environment variable
expansion till run time, instead of having the file names from the build
machine, which might not work on other machines.

Closed on 12/28/2002 18:00:55: See Eli's response
By whom:

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