Bug 000322

When Created: 08/17/2000 16:41:36
Against DJGPP version: 2.02
By whom:
Abstract: DJGPP doesn't run under Windows 2000.
DJGPP doesn't run under Windows 2000.  It allocates memory until Windows 2000 crashes.  I was able to kill it at about 250Mb of RAM allocated.  Any reports on this yet?

Note added: 08/17/2000 16:46:03
By whom:
We are using the Released Windows 2000 Professional (with and without service pack 1) and a coworker has also seen this problem on his machine.

Note added: 08/22/2000 15:48:47
By whom:
Reports to the newsgroup indicate that DJGPP itself should work, but
there is a problem with nested calls of DJGPP applications. This means
'gcc' itself works, but you can't call it from any other DJGPP app, like
'make' or 'RHIDE'. 

Nobody mentioned it growing beyond reasonable bounds, yet, though.

Note added: 01/09/2001 09:08:10
By whom:
I am using Windows 2000 and constanly get an error message about ntvdm.exe. 
I use make to compile Emacs, but it only manages 3-5 files before I get the
pop-up error message. Have a look at this screendump:

Any ideas?  


Note added: 01/10/2001 09:10:20
By whom:
This is a known problem with Windows 2000 in conjunction with nested
DJGPP applications.  Since NTVDM crashes in its own code, it doesn't
seem to be a DJGPP bug.

I'm closing the report.

Closed on 01/10/2001 09:11:20: W2K problem, not a DJGPP bug
By whom:

Note added: 09/09/2004 09:53:34
By whom:
I use a Djgpp under Windows 2000 professional and sistem crash is very frequently and the rhide currupt all file open.

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