Bug 000338

When Created: 05/24/2001 14:57:07
Against DJGPP version: 2.03
By whom:
Abstract: "Env variable DJDIR has not been set..." error
I am using win2k and have djgpp 2.03 and rhide installed.
I am able to compile code at the command prompt using the gcc compiler with no
problems. When I try and fire up rhide I get the follow warning message.

"Rhide has detected the env variable DJDIR has not been set or is incorrect..."

I have looked at my djgpp.env file and my DJDIR varis set to its default value and I have not touched it. Any ideas?



Solution added: 12/08/2002 03:24:55
By whom:

You entered this bug last year. It has been resolved.

If you grab Rhide 1.5.0 snapshot from and then one of the
1) grab the latest DJDEV203 zip fiels then you will be able to use DJGPP
under Win 2K or XP.
2) Grab a copy of the DJGPP 2.04 WIP packages starting with the following


Fixed in version 2.03m2 on 12/13/2002 19:32:57
By whom:

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