Bug 000340

When Created: 07/03/2001 10:05:35
Against DJGPP version: 2.03
By whom:
Abstract: DJGPP crashes when I enter the source directory
Sometimes after I run a c-file my Options/Directories/Sources is full of garbage
When I change them and click on OK, RHIDE ver crashes (also experienced with earlier versions of rhide) Can someone tell me what I do wrong

And second: I can't get allegro working anymore (I have the 'alleg' in libraries and I have the #include "allegro.h", but it keeps telling me that I make an undeclared call to allegro) Maybe this is an result of that Source Directory wich I can't set...

Please help and thanks indeed.

Note added: 07/04/2001 06:32:42
By whom:
Sigh.  The bug-tracker page explicitly says NOT to send reports about
RHIDE, and they still do...

I'm closing this report, as it has nothing to do with DJGPP per se.

Closed on 07/04/2001 06:33:39: Not a DJGPP bug
By whom:

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