Bug 000353

When Created: 08/01/2002 16:10:28
Against DJGPP version: 2.03
By whom:
Abstract: oci and pro *c compilation failed

When I tried to compile either pro*c or OCI program, I got error msg " undefine reference to ....". I think this is a linker problem. Do you support pro*c and OCI? Please help me out.

the command line is as follows

gxx -o c:\_atest\test_OCI.exe -Ic:\oracle_pro\ora81\oci\include c:\oci.lib c:\_atest\test_OCI.cpp 

my code:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <iostream.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <oci.h>

static OCIEnv           *p_env;
static OCIError         *p_err;
static OCISvcCtx        *p_svc;
static OCIStmt          *p_sql;
static OCIStmt          *p_sql_1;
static OCIStmt          *p_sql_2;
static OCIDefine        *p_dfn    = (OCIDefine *) 0;
static OCIBind          *p_bnd    = (OCIBind *) 0;

int main()
	int a;
	int             p_bvi;
    char            p_sli[20];
	char            p_sli_1[20];
	char            p_sli_2[6];
	char            p_string[20];
    int             rc;
    char            errbuf[100];
    int             errcode;

    rc = OCIInitialize((ub4) OCI_DEFAULT, (dvoid *)0,  /* Initialize OCI */
           (dvoid * (*)(dvoid *, size_t)) 0,
           (dvoid * (*)(dvoid *, dvoid *, size_t))0,
           (void (*)(dvoid *, dvoid *)) 0 );
	cin >>a;
	return 0;

thanks for your help in advance

Note added: 08/03/2002 05:07:43
By whom:
This is not a DJGPP bug.  Either the necessary libraries do not exist,
or they are incompatible with DJGPP.

I'm closing the bug report.

Closed on 08/03/2002 05:08:07: Not a DJGPP bug
By whom:

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